“Only One Per Person Please” is a live-action animated short comedy in which a quirky test subject stands up against a scrutinizing observation camera to claim his right for a second treat.

About this project

My motto is always “How hard can it be?”

This project was a learning experience in every aspect of filmmaking. It started in the summer of 2016. I had just finished my training as a screenwriter and I hooked up with Hans Jeths to make some comedy shorts inspired by the vaudeville and slapstick tradition.

We wanted to create comedy in the simplest form. I had no idea if I could write comedy, but I knew I could rely on Hans’ talent as a clown and his training in physical comedy. Hans, who is a seasoned performer for live audiences, needed to find out how his talent would work on camera. We bounced of some ideas and decided we needed to test our combined talents. One of those ideas resulted in a tv-script that would require a serious investment to realize and we both felt that we weren’t ready for that. Instead of finding budget, we wanted to find out how far we could come with our iPhones, iPads, laptops and some of the amazing software that can be downloaded for free.

That’s when I wrote the one page script for this short film that we would shoot in July and would finish post production in September.
In July Hans and I set up a simple green screen in our living room and shot the live footage in one long day.
I had decided to create the entire set around my actor in 3d in “Black Magic Fusion 8.1”. This environment would include an animated observation camera that would function as an antagonist for Hans. My ambition became to do all of this by myself.

This is where the project spiralled out of control, at least timewise. I had to acquire and in-depth understanding of compositing software with 3d capabilities (Fusion), colour correction and editing (Da’ Vinci Resolve) and sound design (Audacity).
I even tried to create the score myself, with zero knowledge of composing, but I soon realized it would add many months to the production and I wanted to move on to different projects.

All in all it took eight months to finish this project.
So getting back to my motto: How hard can it be?
It has been an exhausting endeavour and an invigorating experience at the same time. I’m happy to share the result with the world.

Theo Ybema

Theo Ybema is an animator, screenwriter and first time filmmaker.
He has a background in drama and education and works as a learning consultant, communication skill trainer and training developer.
Theo has been a lifelong enthusiast for digital arts, illustration and animation. He has a passion for learning new stuff and is primarily driven by curiosity.
As a people person with a passion for computer coding, he is still deciding if he’s a left or right brainer (probably a whole brainer).